Our in-house ELIAS technology

provides customers with innovative, cutting edge asset management solutions.

From tablet-based data collection to configurable life cycle planning portals, risk analysis and BI reporting, all directly configurable with customer business systems.

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ELIAS has been developed with the specific ability to integrate into third party applications.

Providing customers with genuine asset management tools to give them actionable insight into their estate, allowing fine grained control of maintenance and life cycle costs.


Our vision

Our vision Was to create an easy-to-use platform, supporting multiple stakeholders and devices. Also with our surveyors needs in mind whilst supporting our customers current and future requirements of estate data digitalisation.



The ELIAS mobile solution supports large scale data collection and condition surveying programmes. Utilised by both internal and external teams of engineers and surveyors. This is fully configurable to individual client needs and multiple projects.



Our ELIAS dashboards and reporting hubs allow real time management of assets, capital expenditure, compliance risk and foreign exchange exposure.



Our online management portal allows clients to rapidly benefit from clear visibility of their estate allowing for precise and accurate decision making.



In its simplest form, ELIAS takes large volumes of data and presents it in a unique and useful way to the user, using powerful reporting and analytical tools.

Full Features

Mobile survey and data collection application, drives speed and consistency

Client interface provides instance access and visibility across your estate or project.

Bespoke reporting tailored to your exact requirements, with access shared across stakeholder groups.

Rich analytics engine, allows optimum data visibility and focused interpretation.



Rapidly deploy and deliver a project anywhere and at any time.
Visualise capital expenditure requirements and focus scarce resources
Ensure data consistency and meet industry best practise
Focus your decision making using rich analytics


"Utilizing the ELIAS technology has allowed us to improve our mobilization practices, keep our data consistent and inline with industry standards. Using the reporting analytics, we have been able to show our clients outcomes and budgets, to inform their decision making.”
Technical Director, CBRE

ELIAS was deployed across several contracts by the FM service provider.  Our mobile application was used to collect data & assess building condition. Our analytics module was used to analyse, report and interpret the findings.   ELIAS ensured the data was collected accurately, the client could gain valuable insights quickly, budgets could be modelled and operational maintenance models could be optimized.  This led to time and cost savings for the client and a focus on where corrective action was needed to improve building availability.

We needed a rapid data collection deployment over an 800 site estate. The ELIAS mobile application fitted the bill perfectly, allowing us to easily configure the application to our CAFM system. We were able to track project progress and generate accurate reports, giving us valuable insights that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
Project Manager, Interserve/DWP

ELIAS mobile was deployed across the estate to a team of over 30 engineers, surveyors, supervisors and managers.  The asset data collection and building condition surveys were delivered consistently and to plan, reducing administration and potential revisits.  Bespoke reporting was created in the analytics module and the client continues to utilize ELIAS as the estate changes and capital projects are completed, making for a live dataset and maximizing investment at all times, through our capital expenditure module.

“The capability of the ELIAS products presented to us during the tender process were far ahead of anything else we received, it was simple to configure to our own in-house data standards, and those of our contractors. The technical team deployed API’s meaning we are able to receive live data across our estate covering many thousands of buildings in real time.”
Estates Project Lead, Global Financial Institution

ELIAS were selected from competitive tender to supply asset management technology to this global banking organization, with a network of retail branches, corporate offices and data centers.  From site executing site surveys with the mobile application, to running bespoke reports via API’s  We have been able to ensure a technically consistent approach, embrace the clients data standards and deliver complex investment plans through our capital expenditure model.  This has allowed the client focus on where best to focus their resources.


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